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Comments From Current & Former Physiotherapy Patients

Adam Birchall Sports Injury Patient

"Sol is a top physiotherapist with a great reputation, always got me back to fitness fast. Always explained things to me so I understood the problem. Always accessible, I could call him up and be on his treatment couch within 48hours, that's was what I really liked about him. Other physio's would take ages; he always got me in fast. The other thing was his honesty, he told it as it was, never tried to string out sessions, as a matter of fact, he would get be back in fewer sessions as opposed to other therapists I had seen!"

ADAM BIRCHILL, Barnet FC 2009.


Kerrea Gilbert knee injury

"Solomon is a good physiotherapist. I always remember the time he looked after my knee injury a few years ago. Always reliable and very self assured. Always gave me confidence as well, didn't let my injury get me down. In my book, one of the best I've come across"



I came to see Sol after being recommended by my brother. He diagnosed a tear of one of my rotator cuff muscles via an ultrasound scan he done on me. He didn’t charge me for the scan to my amazement and after 3 sessions, I am 60% better. He is a great physiotherapist and ive seen a few before!



Nicky Nicolau knee injuries

"I've known Solomon for over 8 years, and when it comes to injuries, he's brilliant. He once treated my knee injury really fast. Doctors said it would take at least 10 weeks, he got me back within 4! That was definitely one of his strengths; he always got me back earlier than I thought I would."

NICKY NICOLAU, Barnet FC, 2009


"Sol always helped me with my injuries, he is excellent at offering advice also. Sometimes, injuries do take time, but Sol always gave me confidence and motivation which helped me through some difficult times."

RENE STEER, Arsenal FC (Reserves).


Justin Hoyte physiotherapy patient

"I've known Sol for years. He is a top quality physiotherapist and always looked after me when I was injured. He excelled in getting me back from injury, fast. Always had good quality treatment from him. Thanks for everything Sol."

JUSTIN HOYTE Middlesborough FC 2009.


"I’ve known Sol for years, and after my 3rd child, my back will killing me. He manipulated my back on the first session, and my back pain was so much better. He saw me quickly (as usual) and still can’t believe he charges little compared to other therapists in Harley Street."

MS. M BUTLER, SW5 London


Ollie Nicholas treated for back pain

"I've known Solomon for years. I have confidence in him and his abilities, and he always got me back playing football fast. He once treated my back which was so painful, I had to stop training. He clicked my back in several places, and was back playing within days. Shame I am so far away now in Manchester, but still keep in touch for advice."

OLLIE NICHOLAS, England U18s & Manchester City (reserve team)


 My GP told me to see Dr Abrahams as he treated his tennis elbow a few years back. Not only did I find Dr Abrahams to be very honest, but he was such a nice guy. I understood everything he said to me and ive now had 5 sessions with him, and the elbow is brilliant. Not 100% yet, but well on the road to recovery. At least I avoided the dreaded steroid injection."



ARTURO LUPOLI and family treated for sports injuries

"Solomon is a fantastic physiotherapist. Not only has he treated me, but he has treated family and friends! I’ve known him for a few years, and has an excellent reputation. I would recommend him to anyone"



"I've known Solomon for a few years. He's treated my back several times which really helped me quickly get back to normal. Once, my back went, so I phoned him and he saw me on the same day! I was so desperate the first time he came round my house within hours."

STEVE BOULD, Coach (U18s) Arsenal FC (2009)


"Solomon looked after me when I had injuries, and I would recommend him to anyone. He explains things very well, and worked hard at always trying to get me back playing."

JACK WILSHIRE, Arsenal FC 2009.


"Sol is a superb Physio. One of the best actually! thanks for everything Solomon."

PAUL RODGERS, Arsenal Football Club (Reserve team)

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