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Physio for Neck Pain

Physiotherapy For Conditions Affecting The Neck

Physiotherapy for neck painNeck pain is very common. It can simply give pain around the neck region, and sometimes also down the shoulders and into the arms. It can also cause headaches and referred pains in the hand. Occasionally, tingling and numbness in the hands can also be signs of some kind of neck problem. Most neck pain does not have one simple cause, but is a result of a range of conditions that affect joints, muscles, tendons and the other tissues in the neck. Factors that can contribute include tension and sustained or repetitive activity, such as continual use of the telephone, sitting at computer screens or in front of the television, playing a musical instrument, and long-distance driving. If the neck has moved suddenly and unexpectedly (as in a car accident), the pain may be due to an injury, commonly known as whiplash.

Treatment for Neck Pain

Physio treatment for neck painWe carry out all kinds of treatment for neck pain. Most treatments are hands on but where appropriate some exercises may be prescribed to help control the neck pain. Most patients respond quickly to the prescribed treatments. Normally I expect to see improvements within 2 to 3 sessions. The most common treatments we do include manipulation to unlock blocked joints, mobilisations to reduce acute pain, soft tissue massage to help control muscle spasm, ultrasound and interferential therapy helps with the pain and the healing process. We sometimes carry out acupuncture in cases of really severe pain to reduce acute neck muscle spasms.


"Dr Abrahams sorted my neck out within 7 sessions. I had a year of chiropractor before seeing him, and my neck continued to give me problems. Thank you Dr Abrahams."


"Sol is a superb Physio. One of the best actually! thanks for everything Solomon."

PAUL RODGERS, Arsenal Football Club (Reserve team)

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