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Physiotherapy for Knee Pain

Causes and Diagnosis of Knee Pain

physiotherapy for knee leg injuriesKnee pain is very common, affecting 1 in 4 adults in their life time. Knee pain has various causes, depending on the knee problem. Common causes of knee pain include trauma, degenerative tears, arthritic tears, biomechanical causes (i.e., knee mis-alignment), feet and back mal-alignments, overuse, underuse, postural and sports injuries. Knee pain can affect everyone, from the 13 year old up to the 80 year old. Most commonly, knee pain is not due to a specific sports injury, but due to a catalogue of situations with lifestyle balance.

One in three women suffer from knee pain Anterior knee pain in women is very common. This is mainly due to the fact that women have a slightly larger pelvis than a man,. As such, the pull on the kneecap is slightly more angled compared to a smaller pelvis, commonly seen in men. This abnormal pull, coupled with their lax joints (again found more in women) can pull the kneecap (or patella) out of alignment and give rise to anterior knee pain or patellofemoral knee pain. Early diagnosis is essential, as research shows that if anterior knee pain becomes established and is incorrectly treated, surgery can be the most likely outcome.

Knee Conditions Treated At The Physio Practice

physiotherapy phsio manipulation knee pain Common ailments of the knee include ligament damage (medial and lateral collateral ligament), anterior or posterior cruciate ligament damage, coronary ligament and internal menisco-femoral ligament damage. Cartilage problems in the knee also cause many painful conditions, including medial or lateral menisci tears, damage to hyaline cartilage, fibro cartilage damage and articular cartilage damage.

Other problems in the knee include capsular tears, tendon damage, bursitis (swelling of the bursa in the knee), anterior knee pain (pain at the front and centre of the knee), patellofemoral knee pain (pain around the knee cap or patella), fat pad damage and retuniculum damage. Each one of these problems present their own unique symptoms, and a clear examination from a knee expert will be able to identify the problem. Many problems of the knee aren't rectified quickly due to mis-diagnosis.


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"I've known Solomon for over 8 years, and when it comes to injuries, he's brilliant. He once treated my knee injury really fast. Doctors said it would take at least 10 weeks, he got me back within 4! That was definitely one of his strengths; he always got me back earlier than I thought I would."

NICKY NICOLAU, Barnet FC, 2009

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