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Adam Birchall sports injury

"Sol is a top physiotherapist with a great reputation, always got me back to fitness fast. Always explained things to me so I understood the problem. Always accessible, I could call him up and be on his treatment couch within 48hours, that's was what I really liked about him. Other physio's would take ages; he always got me in fast. The other thing was his honesty, he told it as it was, never tried to string out sessions, as a matter of fact, he would get be back in fewer sessions as opposed to other therapists I had seen!"

ADAM BIRCHILL, Barnet FC 2009.

Nicky Nicolau rapid recovery

"I've known Solomon for over 8 years, and when it comes to injuries, he's brilliant. He once treated my knee injury really fast. Doctors said it would take at least 10 weeks, he got me back within 4! That was definitely one of his strengths; he always got me back earlier than I thought I would."

NICKY NICOLAU, Barnet FC, 2009

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