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Knee Pain in Women - Causes and Treatments

Anterior knee pain in women is very common and affects 1 in 5 women, mostly between the ages of 14-25 and then 40-60.

This is mainly due to the fact that women have slightly larger pelvis' than men, and as such, the pull on the kneecap is slightly more angled compared to a smaller pelvis, commonly seen in men. This abnormal pull, coupled with their lax joints (again found more in men than in women) can pull the kneecap (or patella) out of alignment and give rise to anterior or patellofemoral knee pain. Early diagnosis is essential, as research shows that if this condition becomes established and incorrectly treated, surgery can be the most likely outcome.

Most of the damage if prolonger can affect the cartilage behind the knee cap where if untreated can lead to permanent damage and even arthritis in years to come. This is why essential diagnosis is early to prevent this from being long term.

Treatment of anterior knee pain includes aggressive physiotherapy, joint injections of steroid and surgery. Physiotherapy can help, but exercises alone will not work. A combination of the right manipulation skills, massage around the knee, laser and ultrasound treatment, and more importantly the right exercises are the key, says Dr Solomon Abrahams who specialises and lectures at several universities in this area.

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