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Physiotherapist, Acupuncture, Sports Medicine

The Physio Practice London W1Dr Solomon Abrahams qualified as a physiotherapist in 1994 and went on to obtain many other post-graduate qualifications in sports medicine, acupuncture, a Masters degree in Physiotherapy and is one of the few UK physiotherapists to hold a PhD. As part of Dr Solomon Abraham's ongoing commitment to the advancement of the physiotherapy profession he also lectures at a number of UK universities, including the prestigious King's College London. He is currently a senior fellow at Hertfordshire University, one of the largest universities in the UK specializing in physiotherapy. He has lectured at University College, University of London and at Cambridge University.

Sports Injury Expert

He has published more than 30 professional articles in medical journals throughout the UK, Europe and USA. In 2013, he published his first book on SPORTS INJURIES which has been very successful. He has also just published his second book, on Musculoskeletal Medicine. To match his extensive knowledge Dr Abrahams has a wealth of hands-on experience and has helped patients ranging from elite athletes to professional footballers and from city workers to the elderly, providing thousands of individuals with accurate diagnoses, pain relief and treatment for a whole range of physical and sports injuries.

Wimpole Street & Harley Street Clinic Facilities

The Physio Practice London W1Our Wimpole Street clinic, located on the first floor has been running for many years. Here we have a number of facilities to aid your physiotherapy treatment and help patients recover quickly. Your treatment may include high dose ultrasound and high strength electrical current therapy. By using ultrasound we are able pinpoint abnormalities in patients' muscles and joints. Ultrasound treatment is normally included within the consultation, at no extra charge.

The Harley Street clinic is another well established clinic that now become very popular. The clinic has a similar level of equipment as the Wimpole Street clinic. It is located on the 4th floor. The Harley Street clinic is in high demand, so please book promptly.

Justin Hoyte sports injury patient

"I've known Sol for years. He is a top quality physiotherapist and always looked after me when I was injured. He excelled in getting me back from injury, fast. Always had good quality treatment from him. Thanks for everything Sol."

JUSTIN HOYTE Middlesborough FC 2009.

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